“I’m Scared! I want to go home!” are the cries of a 5 year old boy who’s really just bored. We just pulled the boat to our location and dropped anchor after spending about 30 min doing some bait fishing closer to land. The little guy loved the boat ride but missed the action with the bait fishing because his older siblings were handed the poles!

The captain sets everyone up with a pole and drops a line for the little guy. Captain Adam gets a bite as soon as the line drops and hooks the fish. “Fish on little guy! Do you want to reel it in.” says the Captain. “I don’t want to, I want to go home!” Says the little guy! His mother prods him to go pull in the fish.

Little-FishermanThe little guy starts reeling in the fish (with the captain’s help) and the little boys face lights up. He pulls in his first fish and couldn’t be more excited! It’ not a big fish, but he didn’t care! It was his first fish and he did it all by himself. He’s no longer bored and wants to reel in more fish.

When the charter came to an end, he didn’t want to leave! Sometimes it’s just getting that first catch, no matter how big it is, that makes the trip so fun for even the smallest of fishermen. “Mommy I want to do it again!” These are the last words the captain hears as the family heads off the dock with a big bag of fish for dinner.

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