Playin’ Hooky had so many wonderful families from all over the world take charters with us in 2014. We exceeded our 2014 charter goal and look forward to doing the same in 2015. Our families enjoyed sunset fishing along the skyway bridge, catching record breaking king fish, fighting barracuda along the reefs, seeing fields of jelly fish, watching dolphins and sea turtles swim along side the boat. We had a few once in a life time catch for this area of the gulf such as 12 foot tiger sharks and 250 pound goliath grouper. They enjoyed snorkeling the ruins of Egmont Key and swimming with manatee along shell island.  Playin’ Hooky also performed a Sunset wedding on the west point of Shell island!  So many amazing adventures created special memories for our favorite families from all over the world!  Looking forward to many more new adventures with some wonderful New families in the up coming year!

Happy New year!

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