The gulf is like green-blue glass, the sun warm as it beats down on my exposed flesh, the breeze cool and refreshing.  Swaying with the movement of the boat and my line dropped in front of me, I look over as a shrill echoes from the other side of the boat. “I have a fish!” she says with excitement.  Her pole bending from the weight of the beast who is fighting for release.  She pulls her pole up and cranks the reel and pulls some more. Feet braced against the edge of the boat, pole tucked under her armpit and muscles shaking as she fights the fish who doesn’t want to be brought from his comfort zone.  “I can’t get him!” She says, just then the Captain steps in and helps her with just a few more turns of the reels, the monster is in the boat!  This 12 year old girl brought in her first BIG catch.  This is why we do what we do, to see the excitement on the faces of and to give someone that first BIG catch!  Happy Fishes, First Mate Tara

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