It’s been a few years since we’ve blogged on our website! Life and Business got busy! Here’s what’s been happening the last 3 years! In January of 2016 we got a new boat! She’s a beautiful 26.6 Commander Sea Fox with twin 150 Yamaha Engines on the back.  She’s been very reliable! In 2017  first […]

Double Shark Hook Up

Fish “Tales” from the first Mate: Being part of the Playin’ Hooky team is so much fun! We meet some amazing people celebrating various stages in their lives. We’ve had multiple honeymooners, but no story sticks out quite like Greg and Lynn from New York. They’ve been together for a very long time and because […]

Trophy King Mackerel

Fish “Tales” from the first mate: From Mid – March through the beginning of May the King Mackerel begin the spring run through the Gulf of Mexico along the Saint Petersburg/ Tampa Bay coast. It’s not uncommon for us to limit out on King Mackerel within the first hour of a charter during those months. […]

The Perfect Charter

Fish “Tales” from the first mate: We try to make every charter the perfect charter, but it doesn’t always happen. During the peak of our Spring break season, we experienced the “Perfect Charter”. It was a Sunday Morning and the weather was perfect. Water was glass calm and we couldn’t have asked for a better […]

Family Charters

Playin’ Hooky had so many wonderful families from all over the world take charters with us in 2014. We exceeded our 2014 charter goal and look forward to doing the same in 2015. Our families enjoyed sunset fishing along the skyway bridge, catching record breaking king fish, fighting barracuda along the reefs, seeing fields of jelly fish, […]

Fish “Tales” from the First Mate

The last few months we have had some wonderful families include Playin’ Hooky charters as part of their family fun. This family was one of my favorites to work with.  Dad was celebrating his birthday and wanted to take his boys on a memorable fishing trip for his birthday present.  The oldest boy is autistic […]

Little Fisherman

“I’m Scared! I want to go home!” are the cries of a 5 year old boy who’s really just bored. We just pulled the boat to our location and dropped anchor after spending about 30 min doing some bait fishing closer to land. The little guy loved the boat ride but missed the action with […]

12 Year Old Fishing

The gulf is like green-blue glass, the sun warm as it beats down on my exposed flesh, the breeze cool and refreshing.  Swaying with the movement of the boat and my line dropped in front of me, I look over as a shrill echoes from the other side of the boat. “I have a fish!” […]

Friday the 13th Shark Excursion

I had a group recently contact me who wanted to do some night shark fishing on Friday the 13th. Given the crazy weather pattern, I was unsure if we would be able to go until the last minute. Luckily for us, the storms moved through around 4 p.m. and the weather cleared up. We all […]