“The shark pole, someone grab the shark pole!” The captain yells across the boat as the line screams and the pole bends nearly in half and the Captain leaps to the rear of the boat.

Captain Adam grabs the pole and with disappointment realizes that the shark came off the line…wait, the mullet is still on the line, maybe the shark will return for the rest of the bait. Sure enough just as the captain realizes that the bait is still there, a bite strikes the line and with a tug the captain sets the hook and hands the pole over to our patron fisherman. Ron says “I don’t think this is a tarpon”, a running joke he has with the captain.

The line screams some more as the fish has now realized he’s hooked. The fight is on between fisherman and fish! Ron reels in and the line screams some more as the fish is not eager to make any kind of appearance near our boat, then all of the sudden white appears and we have a visual on this beast that he’s been fighting for nearly 30 minutes.

“It’s a tiger shark!” The defining stripes on the body indicate that it’s definitely a tiger shark! Ron brings him to the edge of the boat and the Captain says “We’re landing him!” The Captain asks me, First Mate Tara, to help him with the tail wrap and tells Ron, “Keep that line tight!” At this point the shark is just as exhausted as Ron from the fight.

They bring the five foot beast on board, remove the hook from his lip, take a few photo’s and release the beautiful shark back to his natural habitat!

Sometimes, it’s all about capturing that once in a life time moment on film!

Best Fishes,

Photographer and First Mate Tara