[box style=”notice”]Q: Will I get seasick? What can I take to help prevent it?[/box]

A: It is not likely you will get seasick on an island-hopping charter, however a fishing charter means we might experience larger waves, which can cause seasickness. If you have ever been out on a large party boat, you may have had a bad experience with seasickness. A definite positive to a smaller, private charter such as ours as compared to large party boats is that our boat cuts the waves better and doesn’t “roll” as high and low when anchored up. That rolling motion is typically what causes one to feel sick. So if you’ve been seasick before, you may not be this time. However, better safe than sorry, so here are some tips to avoid it.

We recommend only having a very light carb-based meal or a protein bar in the morning. We have found that having a heavy stomach before getting on the boat leads to feeling sick easier. Then, once on the boat and you’ve got your “sea legs”, you must eat or you WILL feel sick on an empty stomach. As for motion sickness over-the-counter products, there are a large variety of options. Keep in mind that what works for one person may have no effect on another. But from our experience, we recommend Nauzene with real ginger (we think this product is best) or Dramamine. Make sure you get the NON-DROWSY formula for Nauzene; Dramamine only comes in a “less drowsy” option. Take BEFORE getting on the boat, then every few hours. Taking it the first time after you start feeling sick will likely do no good – the only solution is to sleep it off and/or return to shore. We do keep some pills on the boat as well.

If you know without a doubt you are severely prone to seasickness, there are some higher priced, but tried-and-true options to prevent it. You can purchase a good quality electronic pulse band (there are cheaper versions available but they don’t work very well) at a store such as West Marine. There are also prescription motion sickness products – you can go to a Minute Clinic to get a doctor’s script to purchase.

[box style=”notice”]Q: What is included in the price for a fishing charter?[/box]


[box style=”notice”]Q: What is included in the price for a family island-hopping charter? What should I pack?[/box]

A: See answer to fishing charter question above, as well as basic snorkeling equipment should you choose to snorkel at Egmont Key. You are welcome to bring your own. If you choose to spend some beach time on one of the islands and swim, if your children need special floats or wings, please bring those. We do have child-size life vests as required by the US Coast Guard, but not the kind adapted to help them learn to swim. You will also want to pack beach towels and toys, and consider a dry change of clothes for your ride back home from the docks.

[box style=”notice”]Q: What should I wear?[/box]

A: Comfortable clothes appropriate to weather conditions. We recommend dressing in layers, as even when it’s warm and humid, the wind and spray can be chilly in the morning and evening. As for shoes, to preserve the boat’s finish and because when the boat is wet it can be slippery, we ask you wear shoes that are non-marring and have traction.

[box style=”notice”]Q: What size and kind of boat will we be taking?[/box]

A: You’ll be heading out on a 2015 26-foot Sea Fox commander 266 with center Console/T-top to provide shade. The boat is powered by twin 150 Yamaha four stroke engines. There is a standard bathroom with head and freshwater sink along with dry storage available.

[box style=”notice”]Q: Where do we meet you for our charter?[/box]

A: To be determined at time of booking.

[box style=”notice”]Q: What is your cancellation policy?[/box]

A: When we book your charter we trust in good faith that you will meet us at the dock. We understand circumstances happen and would appreciate a minimum of 48 hours notice should you need to cancel so we could fill that spot.

[box style=”notice”]Q: What happens if inclement weather cancels my booked charter?[/box]

A: Unfortunately, it is not always sunny and calm in Florida. Please note: inclement weather is not always rain – it may be sunny but rough seas due to wind or an incoming/outgoing front. Captain Adam wants you to enjoy your charter, so he will not take the boat out when waves are beyond a certain height; that causes seasickness in the most steady of stomachs and a rough, unpleasant ride. When inclement weather forces a canceled charter, we will do our absolute best to reschedule it, especially if you are visiting the area for a short time. If you are local and we book one knowing the weather may not cooperate, we ask that you be prepared with alternate dates as well.

[box style=”notice”]Q: How do I reserve a date? What form of payment is accepted?[/box]

A: You can call or make plans with Captain Adam to reserve your date. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and cash on the date of your charter.

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