Gag Grouper Story

The gag grouper is one of the most widely fished grouper in the Gulf of Mexico. These fish are caught in many different ways including flat lines and trolling but are caught mostly bottom fishing. These fish are extremely hard fighters when just hooked until after you turn them away from their rocky homes. With […]

Memorial Weekend Catch

Last memorial weekend I had the opportunity to take out two great families fishing.  It was an absolutely perfect weekend. There was hardly any clouds in the sky and the winds were no more than five miles per hour.  We saw sharks, dolphin and sea turtles.  Everyone got a very nice tan! Both charters caught a […]

Little Fisherman

“I’m Scared! I want to go home!” are the cries of a 5 year old boy who’s really just bored. We just pulled the boat to our location and dropped anchor after spending about 30 min doing some bait fishing closer to land. The little guy loved the boat ride but missed the action with […]